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Items to inquire

fare, disfare, uomo, donna
do, undo, man, woman
做 不做 男 女

Italian English

Anorak Anorak
Berretto Cap
Bretelle Braces
Busto Corset
Calze Socks
Camice Overall
Camicia Shirt
Camicia da notte Nightdress
Cappuccio Hood
Ciabatte Slippers
Cilindro Cylinder hat
Cintura Belt
Costume da bagno Swimsuit
Cravatta Tie
Cuffia Coif
Sari Sari
Fazzoletto Handkerchief
Foulard Foulard
Giacca Jacket
Giarrettiera Garter
Gonna Skirt
Grembiule Apron
Guanti Gloves
Impermeabile Raincoat
Kaftano Kaftan
Kimono Kimono
Mantellina Cape
Mantello Mantel
Muffole Mitts
Mutande Underpants
Panciotto Waistcoat
Pantaloni Throusers
Passamontagna Balaclavas
Pigiama Pajamas
Polo Polo-shirt
Pullover Woolly
Reggiseno Bra
Sandali Sandals
Scialle Shawl
Sciarpa Scarf
Stivali Boots
Tocco Toque
Toga Toga
Tovagliolo Napkin
T-shirt T-shirt
Tunica Tunic
Tuta Dungarees
Velo Veil
Zoccoli Hooves

Text & Textile

Text & Textile:
An Introduction to Wool-Working
for Readers of Greek and Latin.

A PDF document

Conceptual map

Conceptual Maps are simple and practical knowledge representation tools that allow you to convey complex conceptual messages in a clear, understandable way. They facilitate both teaching and learning. Moreover they are represented naturally as graphs.

From a paper by Juan C. Dürsteler

Graph Nodes represent the concepts (or the main ideas), Graph Links represent the relationship between the concepts and any consideration can be developed around this ones.

An example: