Thursday, December 3, 2009

Next Lecture

The next Lecture of "History of Material Culture" will be held in Alenia Space on Wednesday, the 9th December, from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM.
The student are kindly requested to bring with the elaborated final work for a preliminary examination.
In the following the structure of the "inquiry".

1. Identify the assigned "domestic tool"
2. Prepare a Conceptual Map (CM) for the organization of the final report.
3. Collect data and elements for the inquiry, and organize them in the following categories:
3.1 Dictionary, i.e. translation of the "word" into different languages
3.2 Glossary, i.e. a word cluster around the "domestic tool" (in English)
3.3 Anthology, i.e. a collection of literary texts, from mythology thru the Web (do not forget the bibliographic references)
3.4 Comics, at least 1 picture containing an explicit citation of the "domestic tool"
3.5 Images from the visual arts (at least 3 picture)
3.6 Movies (at least 1 clip)
3.7 Songs (at least 1 lyrics)
3.8 Materials (a chronological selection of the materials typical of the "domestic tool")
3.9 Shapes (an evolution of the "domestic tool")
3.10 Innovations (a selection of 3-5 Patents (*))
4. Prepare a conclusive report that - in a narrative form - describes the topics examined within the inquiry (2000-6000 characters maximum).

Pdf files are kindly requested for an easier examination of the work done.

(*) Visit the "freepatentsonline" site (a free registration is required).