Thursday, April 9, 2009


An Account of The Manners and Customs of The Modern Egyptians. Written In Egypt During the Years 1833—1835. (electronic edition)



(jíe diân)

Technology & Totemism

Technology and Magic have been always strictly connected. Both look at the future, and develop their challenges upon a well organized system of knowledge. The role of Science is slightly different...

Some useful references:

I media elettronici e il nuovo totemismo tecnologico

Totem mana tabù, di Carmela Pignato

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inquiry Report

Guidelines for the compilation of the Inquiry Report on the "Clothing Item" (CI)

1. Identify the CI
2. Prepare a Conceptual Map (CM) consisting of no more than 7 nodes
Remind that in the CM the connections are of prime importance
3. Start collecting data and elements for the inquiry, i.e.
3.1 Dictionary, i.e. translation in different languages of the CI
3.2 Glossary, i.e. a word cluster around the CI (in English)
3.3 Anthology, i.e. a collection of literary texts, from mythology thru the Web (do not forget the bibliographic references)
3.4 Comics, at least 1 picture containing an explicit citation of the CI
3.5 Images from the visual arts (at least 3 picture)
3.6 Movies (at least 1 clip)
3.7 Songs (at least 1 lyrics)
3.8 Materials (a chronological selection of the CI materials)
3.9 Shapes (an evolution of the CI)
3.10 Innovations (a selection of 3-5 Patents (*))
4. Prepare a conclusive text that in a narrative form goes along the paths traced by the CM (2000-4000 characters maximum; no lists, schematics, graphs are allowed)


(*) Patents can be found in the Web Site

History of textiles and clothing

Many references are present on the WEB. Here a first overview:

WIKIPEDIA: History of clothing and textiles


BTTG: The History of Textiles

The Textile System